OWASP Connections Committee - Application 7

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Applicant's Name Jerry Hoff
Current and past OWASP Roles OWASP Video Series
Committee Applying for OWASP Connection Committee

Please be aware that for an application to be considered by the board, you MUST have 5 recommendations. An incomplete application will not be considered for vote.

Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Simon Bennetts ZAP Project Lead, Manchester UK Chapter Leader I strongly support Jerry's candidacy for the GCC. His AppSec tutorial videos are a great way to spread the OWASP message.
2 Ludovic Petit Chapter leader OWASP France, Connections Committee Member We need guys like Jerry. His work is both a must and serves the Owasp voice, definitely!
3 Jack Mannino Mobile Security Project Jerry has great ideas on how to promote application security, and the drive to get it done.
4 Chris Schmidt GPC / ESAPI Jerry has great vision and ideas on how to make AppSec visible and accessible - he would be a great addition to the GCC
5 Sherif Koussa GIC / Ottawa CL / CS Project Co-Leader You know from the moment you start talking to Jerry, that he has the kind of vision and leadership that we need at OWASP. Most importantly, he knows how to communicate them in a way that could be easily accepted by the listener. Definitely recommended.