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(Committee Members)
(Committee Members)
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===Committee Members===
===Committee Members===
* Lorna Alamri - TBC
* Lorna Alamri - [[OWASP_Connections_Committee_-_Application_1|TBC]]
* Robert Hansen, (RSnake) - TBC
* Robert Hansen, (RSnake) - [[OWASP_Connections_Committee_-_Application_2|TBC]]
* Dinis Cruz
* Dinis Cruz
* Tom Brennan
* Tom Brennan
* Justin Clarke - TBC
* Justin Clarke - [[OWASP_Connections_Committee_-_Application_3|TBC]]

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About the OWASP Connections Committee (OCC)

The OWASP Connections Committee was created during the OWASP AppSec DC 2009 conference


  • Make connections between the OWASP Community and the materials it creates
  • Handle PR and promotion of OWASP foundation, projects and events
  • Manage OWASP Newsletters
  • Manage OWASP 'collaboration tools': LinkedIn, Twitter feeds, etc...
    • Manage the WIKI account creation authorization process
  • Handle issues related to the OWASP Community and its leaders
  • Expand OWASP range to include other non-'Web Application Security' groups, namely Developers
  • Help OWASP to have further participation at non-OWASP conferences
  • Manager participation at OWASP conferences and chapters of 'special' speakers and groups
  • Work with the OWASP Website project, and help to restructure the current website around its target audience (or maybe help to create a new 'user-focused' OWASP website )

Committee Members

  • Lorna Alamri - TBC
  • Robert Hansen, (RSnake) - TBC
  • Dinis Cruz
  • Tom Brennan
  • Justin Clarke - TBC