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===Committee Members===
===Committee Members===
* [[OWASP_Connections_Committee_-_Application_4|Jim Manico (chair)]]
* Jim Manico (chair)
* [[OWASP_Connections_Committee_-_Application_3|Justin Clarke]]
* Justin Clarke
* Jerry Hoff
* Jerry Hoff
===Conference Calls===
===Conference Calls===

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About the OWASP Connections Committee (OCC)

The OWASP Connections Committee was created during the OWASP AppSec DC 2009 conference. Our mission is to help the OWASP foundation communicate to the outside world in a unified and coherent way. We also assist with internal communication between different OWASP projects and committees.

If you would like to help the connections committee please email press@owasp.org

Currently working on

Committee Members

  • Jim Manico (chair)
  • Justin Clarke
  • Jerry Hoff

Conference Calls

We do not hold committee meetings. We hold "working sessions" on an constant but unscheduled basis. If you would like to help, please email press@owasp.org.