OWASP Code review V2 Project

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Welcome to the continuation of OWASP Code Review Guide Project! This is version two to bring the successful OWASP Code Review Guide up to date.

Project Lead

Eoin Keary is continuing his successful leadership as the technical lead of the Code Review Guide Project.

Email List

You can sign up for the OWASP Code Review Guide Project email list at General Code Review Guide mailing


Table of Contents for Code Review Guide

Authors and Reviewers use to TOC to take ownership of content you want to write about or review. Please attach your name here and put link to your content here.

Link to TOC [[1]]

Code Review Guide Authors and Reviewers

Please do not email authors or reviewers on matters outside of the Code Review Guide project. Authors and reviewers have allowed us to publish their email address to help promote collaboration between authors and or reviewers.

  • Abbas Naderi: abiusx@owasp.org
  • amurren@gmail.com
  • Anand Prakash anand.prakash2010@vit.ac.in
  • Andre Gironda andreg@gmail.com
  • Andreas Athanasoulias andreas.athanasoulias@gmail.com
  • Ashish Rao rao.ashish20@gmail.com
  • Avi Douglen douglen@hotmail.com
  • Azzeddine Ramrami: azzeddine.ramrami@owasp.org
  • azzeddine.famrami@owasp.org
  • basilio.osorio@stls.frb.org
  • Bob Wintemberg bob@wintembergs.net
  • Chris Berberich <chris.berberich@alignsecurity.com>
  • colin.watson@owasp.org
  • Greg Disney: gregory.disney@owasp.org
  • Hartl, Manuel <manuel.hartl@cgi.com>
  • James Widener james.widener@gmail.com
  • Jason Karlin <jasonkarlin@hotmail.com>
  • johanna.curiel@owasp.org
  • magesh.mariappan@wipro.com
  • Manuel Hartl manuel.hartl@cgi.com
  • Mittal Mehta mittal28.mehta@gmail.com
  • Mohammed Damavandi mdf092@gmail.com
  • Neil Matatall neil@matatall.com
  • nerpster@gmail.com
  • palakze@gmail.com
  • Renchie Joan Abraham: renchievava@yahoo.com
  • Said Moftakhar contact@saidmoftakhar.com
  • Shahryar Jahangir shahryar@aniza.com
  • Shenal Silva shenal.silva007@gmail.com
  • Sherif Koussa sherif.koussa@owasp.org
  • skwa@deloitte.com
  • Sravan Kumar sravanm219@gmail.com
  • Tjohnson@cbecompanies.com
  • Travis Risner travis.risner@owasp.org

Project Meetings

Project Meeting Notes

Project Status