OWASP Code Pulse Project

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OWASP Code Pulse Project

The OWASP Code Pulse Project is a tool that provides insight into the real-time code coverage of black box testing activities. Code Pulse is a software tool, and as such will be delivered as downloadable software that users can run on their systems. Our intent is to be a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


Please write a short introduction to the product here, Hassan.


OWASP Code Pulse project is free to use. It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

What is OWASP Code Pulse Project?

OWASP Code Pulse Project provides:

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Project Leader

Hassan Radwan

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News and Events

  • [20 Nov 2013] News 2
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In Print

This project can be purchased as a print on demand book from Lulu.com


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OWASP Code Pulse is developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. The primary contributors to date have been:

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As of April 2014, the priorities are:

The initial version of Code Pulse, version 1.0, is planned for release at the end of April 2014.

Our next planned release is version 1.1 that is currently planned for August 2014. Despite our best efforts we expect that there will be issues with the 1.0 release that won’t be exposed until a broader audience has gotten a chance to work with it. Our plan for 1.1 is to address the major usability issues uncovered from the 1.0 testing. We also anticipate a number of minor updates between versions 1.0 and 1.1 to address bugs as they are discovered.

Long-term there are a number of things on our roadmap that we’d like to add to Code Pulse. The following is a partial list of features we’d like to add to Code Pulse as we continue development on it:

- .NET support

- Reporting

- Trace playback to see the sequence of the coverage as opposed to just seeing the end state

- Dependency Check integration

- ZAP plugin

Involvement in the development and promotion of XXX is actively encouraged! You do not have to be a security expert in order to contribute. Some of the ways you can help:

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