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Project Name OWASP Chinese Project
Project Mission Cooperate with Chinese-speaking OWASP chapters, Chinese security companies and Chinese universities to breakdown the language barrier. Spread the OWASP message among Chinese speaking communities; and encourage more Chinese security researchers and engineers to participate in OWASP.
Email Contacts Project Leaders
Helen Gao 高雯
Jie Wang 王颉
Weilin Zhong 钟卫林
Rip Torn
Project Contributors
Haijie Chen 陈海杰
Eric Chio 趙嘉言
Judy Guo 郭燕
Sonia Kong 孔庆斌
Yitao Wang
Zhiwu Yao
Zhendong Yu 于振东
Mailing List/Subscribe First Reviewer
Jie Wang 王颉
Rip Torn
More Reviewer Needed
Second Reviewer
Jie Wang 王颉
Rip Torn
More Reviewer Needed
OWASP Board Member

OWASP Internationalization Project
China Mainland Chapter; Hong Kong Chapter; Singapore Chapter; Taiwan Chapter


OWASP Assessment Criteria v2.0
OWASP Assessment Criteria v2.0 (Chinese)

Latest Launched Projects (Call for Contributors)

Ongoing Project

  1. Current Progress: Under auther's self evaluation. Expected finish the self-review at the end of April, 2011.
  2. Expected First Reviewer: Yitao Wang
  3. Expected Second Reviewer: Lisa Wei
  1. Current Progress:Already finished about 10%. Call for contributor. Please contact Rip if you interested in it.
  2. Contributor List: hu_xbin, redbad2
  1. Current Progress: Project begin with document translation. Call for contributors, please contact Rip
  2. Contributor List: Yitao Wang, 吴朝花,ShadowHider
  1. Current Progress: Translation
  2. Contributor List: Joey Yin, 王文君
  • WAF Testing Benchmark Project
  1. Project Tasks:1. WAF Function Test; 2. WAF Performance Test; 3. WAF Security Test
  2. Current Progress:Already finished about 40%. Call for contributors, please contact Rip
  • Webscan Verity Platform Project
  1. Project Tasks: Develop Application Vulnerability Verify Platform based on WEBGOAT
  2. Current Progress: Already finished about 50%. Call for contributors, please contact Rip

Applied Project Assessment Criteria

To guarantee the project quality, we apply OWASP Assessment Criteria v2.0 to assess the proposed project tool and project document before release. Please retrieve the following options for more assessment information in Chinese.

Past Projects

Ongoing Events in 2011

  • Organize OWASP China 2011 conference.
  • Add Chinese language support to the OWASP website.
  • Encourage Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other chapters to participate in this project.
  • Identify and translate important documents and projects for translation to English.
  • Recruit team members in US, China and other countries.
  • Translate latest OWASP newsletters

Past Events in 2010


If you wish to participate and contribute the OWASP Chinese Project, please feel free to contact any of project leaders below:

Mailing List


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