OWASP CLASP Project Roadmap

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The OWASP CLASP Project's overall goal is to...

 Reinforce application security through a set of prescriptive and proactive
 process components that are adaptable to any development model.

In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals...

  1. Porting all of the CLASP v1.2 materials to the OWASP wiki
  2. Generating more introductory materials to help users get started with CLASP
  3. Enhancing the vulnerability catalog with more information (descriptions, examples, etc.)

Current Tasks

  • Add 'Activity Assessment View' stuff to each CLASP activity (Unassigned)
  • Add 'Coding Guidelines' from CLASP to stubbed wiki page (Unassigned)
  • Add 'Vulnerability Use Cases' stuff from CLASP to Wiki (Unassigned)