OWASP CLASP Project Roadmap

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The CLASP Project's overall goal is to...

 Mission statement here

In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals...

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

Here are the current tasks defined to help us achieve these goals

  • Get the Word doc downloads posted (Pravir)
  • Add a proper Roadmap for the CLASP Project (Pravir)
  • Add user for change notification after mail is working (Pravir)
  • Add 'Activity Assessment View' stuff to each CLASP activity (???)
  • Add 'Coding Guidelines' from CLASP to stubbed wiki page (???)
  • Add 'Vulnerability Use Cases' stuff from CLASP to Wiki (Jeremy)
  • Port OWASP Guide to Wiki (Weilin)
  • [DONE] Add 'Role-Based View' stuff from CLASP to Wiki (Jeremy)
  • [DONE] Integrate 'CLASP resources' (principles, etc) stuff from CLASP to Wiki (Pravir)
  • [DONE] Create a better OWASP CLASP Project page (Pravir)
  • [DONE] Add CLASP Categories for 'Roles' 'Activities' (Pravir)