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== suggested CISO survey invitation email text ==
== [[CISO survey invitation email templates]] ==
Dear colleague,
as a respected information security executive in the industry, OWASP would like to hear your opinion!
OWASP is preparing a report and conducting a survey among CISOs and information security managers in relation to application security with the aim of providing you insights about new trends and aligning our efforts to better help solving the problems you face.
The survey shall not take much of your precious time and by completing it you are helping shape the future of OWASP, the Internet and software security.
At the conclusion of the survey, the aggregated results will be publicly available in the form of a report on the owasp.org website, keeping your information completely anonymous.
As you may know OWASP is a volunteer open-source organization dedicated to fighting the causes of software insecurity. We are also a registered charity & non-profit in the USA and the EU. See more at www.owasp.org/index.php/About_OWASP
The survey can be found here:
Thank you in advance for your time.
Best regards,
OWASP Global Industry Committee
=Project Team=
=Project Team=

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Name: OWASP_CISO_Survey (home page)
Purpose: "CISO Survey and later the CISO Report on Application and Information Security trends.

Also providing input and data for the CISO guide. "

License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License (best for documentation projects)
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OWASP CISO Survey Report 2013 1.0 - Jan 2014 - (download)
Release description: Version 2013 1.0

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The CISO Survey


CISO survey invitation email templates

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Project Lead Tobias Gondrom

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  • Marco Morana
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