OWASP Browser Security ACID Tests Project

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Browser Security Acid Tests

Welcome to the Browser Security Acid Tests. OWASP has adopted this project with the goal to create an in-depth suite of test cases for identifying security issues in web browsers. By highlighting such issues, we can help browser vendors adopt appropriate security controls and implement new security features in a more consistent manner. We can also help raise public awareness about various security issues while providing objective data on the current status of browser security.

The project is under active development. Please take a look at TBD for ways you can contribute.


Web browsers are *very* complicated pieces of software. The landscape of functionality provided by modern browsers is pocketed with security concerns, both large and small. This project was started in order to help people get a better understanding of what these issues are while also providing browser vendors a forum to compare strategies, vulnerabilities, and new features.


Current Status

This project is under active development. We are currently working to establish the scope of the project, adopt a sensible testing framework, and gather support from interested browser vendors.

Get Involved

You can help by...

Proposal to Browser Vendors

Build test cases...



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