OWASP Board Meetings September Agenda

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September 2008 Agenda

Action Items

OWASP ESAPI Summit - Targeting 12/8/08 - OWASP will organize a working session (not a working group) at Washington DC where the main ESAPI contributors will be invited to participate. Jeff Williams will structure an agenda and plan for this session.

Local Chapter Finance model: A draft of procedures to include roles of chapter and roles of OWASP regarding these chapter issues. Paypal button completed. In process of being posted on all chapter pages.

Student Memberships - proposal to add student membership at $25 (or enough to cover membership pack). Also suggested to add a OWASP MemberID to the membership program. - Student membership is posted on wiki and on Cvent.

OWASP Intern - Technical Writer reviewing several of the OWASP books

Status of OWASP Portugal Conference - Dinis

Italic text== Conferences: ==

NY conference

India conference


"OWASP Summit is a worldwide gathering of OWASP leaders and Key Industry Players to: 1) present and discuss the latest OWASP tools and documentation projects, 2) use  Working Sessions to improve collaboration and achive specific goals 3) decide roadmaps for OWASP projects, chapters and OWASP itself"
"OWASP AppSec conferences are the best Web Application Security conferences in the World where the lastest research, solutions and tools is presented and debated"
  • First pass at
    • Defining the tagline:
OWASP Summit 2008 in Portugal, Setting the 2009 Agenda for Web Application Security
    • describing the conference:
"The next OWASP European Summit will take place in Algarve, Portugal from the 4rd till the 7th of November 2008. The 4 day even is split into a 2-day conference (with more than 40 'OWASP specific' presentations) and 2 days of Workings sessions of open debate covering multiple projects and goals, such as: OWASP Strategic planning, OWASP Top 10 2009, Winter Of Code 2009, EASPI project, Code Review v2, Testing Guide v4, OWASP certifications, OWASP Awards, ADSR, OWASP Website
    • Defining the Summit Objectives
1) Present OWASP projects
2) Define the next Season of Code Grants : WoC 08 (Winter of Code 2008)
3) Define the OWASP and key project's roadmap for 2009
4) Release the OWASP Top 10 2009
5) Define improved rules and guidlines for OWASP Chapters
  • Working Sessions models
  • Invitations for members

OWASP Projects

PR Project