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(Action Items)
(Action Items)
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'''Status of OWASP Portugal Conference''' - Dinis
'''Status of OWASP Portugal Conference''' - Dinis
== '''Conferences:''' ==
== '''Conferences:''' ==

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September 2008 Agenda

Action Items

OWASP ESAPI Summit - Targeting 12/8/08 - OWASP will organize a working session (not a working group) at Washington DC where the main ESAPI contributors will be invited to participate. Jeff Williams will structure an agenda and plan for this session.

Local Chapter Finance model: A draft of procedures to include roles of chapter and roles of OWASP regarding these chapter issues. Paypal button completed. In process of being posted on all chapter pages.

Student Memberships - proposal to add student membership at $25 (or enough to cover membership pack). Also suggested to add a OWASP MemberID to the membership program. - Student membership is posted on wiki and on Cvent.

OWASP Intern - Technical Writer reviewing several of the OWASP books

Status of OWASP Portugal Conference - Dinis


NY conference

India conference

Proposal for OWASP EU SUMMIT 2008