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===Miscellaneous - 30 minutes===
===Miscellaneous - 30 minutes===
*Are we going to allow France to create a local non profit OWASP organization?  If so, we will need to have some general principals in place (see details in EM from Jeff on 3/24 and from Tom on 3/25)
*Should we renew PR Newswire?
*Should we make a deal with a travel agency in the US, to use for travel expenses authorized by the board (ie: going to conference, OotM, etc.)?

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Agenda for OWASP Board Meeting: 5/6/2008

Review of Action Items from last month’s meeting - 20 minutes

  • Update on details of Working Groups (Dinis & Tom)
  • More clear guidelines for OWASP Projects? (Dinis & Paulo)
  • Write and post job description for OWASP Director & OWASP Intern (Dave & Alison)
  • Write a proposal and send to board about letting corporate members choose which project their funds go to (Dinis)
  • Draft an email to send to OWASP leaders concerning moving to a branded OWASP Blog, maybe with Google (Dinis)
  • Local Chapter finance model (Tom)
  • Update governance form to include the requirement of an audit every couple of years (Tom)

OWASP Financials - 10 minutes

  • Audit is scheduled for first week in June

Conferences - 20 minutes

  • Membership Packs
  • Update on Belgium & NY

Miscellaneous - 30 minutes