OWASP Board Meetings March Agenda

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Agenda for OWASP Board Meeting: 3/6/2008

1. Review of Action Items from last month’s meeting

Status of Advisory Board? (Jeff) Details of Working Groups? (Dinis & Tom)

       More clear guidelines for OWASP Projects? (Dinis)

More clear guidelines for OWASP Chapters? (Seba) Are we using the forum? http://blog.owasp.org/ (Larry) Advertising space for 2008 (Alison)

2. OWASP Financials a. Publish tax info on wiki? (EM from 2/19 with websites) b. Should members be able to allocate their funds to specific projects?

3. Conferences a. Membership Packs b. Should we offer membership to non-membership conference attendees that pay full price?

4. OWASP Week a. What are we going to send to participating chapters?

5. OotM Guidelines a. What are the final approved rules that should be posted to the wiki?

6. Summer Internship? a. What dates would we like to have an intern? b. What will we pay the intern? c. What will the specific duties be?

7. Things Dinis spoke about at San Jose that have not happened a. Working Groups b. Members ability to vote on specific governance issues c. Every chapter receives $30 per local individual member

8. Is OWASP going to do a certification for Web Application Security Professionals?