OWASP Board Meetings April09 Agenda

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Agenda for OWASP Board Meeting: 04/06/2009

Membership Update


  • Total Number of Individual Memberships: 550
  • New Memberships in March: 58
  • Renewals in March: 3
  • Lost memberships in March (did not renew): 14
  • March Income from Individual Memberships: $3050
  • Portion allocated to local chapters: $1140


  • Total Number of Organization Memberships: 32
  • New Memberships in March: 0
  • Renewals in March: 3(Symantec, Breach, Cigital)
  • Lost memberships in March (did not renew): 0
  • March Income from Corporate Memberships: $15,000
  • Portion allocated to local chapters: $6,000


  • March Profit from Individual Memberships: $1910
  • March Profit from Corporate Memberships: $9,000
  • Total Profit for March: $10,910

Conferences Update


Committee Updates

 - Action: reduce cost of shipping membership kit and propose solution
 - New assessment criteria and project governance documents in progress
 - APPROVED: projects that don't respond to project questionnaire will be marked as inactive
 - Kirsten has assembled a list of which alpha projects have not changed since 12/2007
 - Action: consider establishing a team to do reviews/quality work (need to make it attractive somehow)
 - APPROVED: every project needs to have standard "Project Summary Table" (on main page or in a tab) that is maintained by the project committee
 - APPROVED: establish the "OWASP Grant Summary Table" (below PST) for all grants of money to projects
 - Nice work on procedures captured in Chapter Leader Handbook
 - Broad goals look very good
 - Action: establish specific project timeline and deliverables

OWASP Technology Infrastructure

  • Wiki
 - One version behind (upgrade requires porting extensions)
 - Enabled "tab" feature to help stop scrolling
 - Performance enhancements
 - Added support for integrating feeds into wiki pages
 - Moved to new server hardware (old one has hardware problems)
  • Mailing Lists
 - Action: evaluate 

2009 Budget Review