OWASP Board Meeting October 09

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Present: Dave Wichers, Dinis Cruz, Sebastien Deleersnyder, Tom Brennan, Jeff Williams

Membership Update

Microsoft did not renew their membership. OWASP Membership, evangalism, should be process of OWASP employees. Focus should become a Membership Drive. Jeff and Dave will contact Microsoft directly to inquire about their membership renewal. Why did they decide to discontinue their support of OWASP?

OWASP ISC2 Joint venture proposal - OWASP Board supports idea to persue communication and negotiation with ISC2 to investigate the proposal and develop. A face to face meeting is requested - Seba to work to arrange this to occur in DC.

Proposal to increase Board Number to 9 (phased in one Board member every 6 months) - topic to be discussed at Summit in DC Proposal to rotate Board Member Vote to 3 Board members every 3 Months - topic to be discussed at Summit in DC

Dave, Dinis, Seba, and Jeff (?) will attend AppSec DC for a meeting on 11/10. Tom will dial in. Time and location to be announced.

Ideas from Dinis for the OWASP Technology & Web Frameworks Committee will be addressed to the Global Industry Committee to determine if it falls within scope of current committee.