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The aim of this section is to enumerate and quickly describe the tools used to find and exploit some vulnerabilities concerning database management systems.

SQL Ninja

SQL Ninja is a tool, written in Perl, which helps a penetration tester to gain a shell on a system running Microsoft SQL server, exploiting a web application resulted vulnerable to SQL Injection.

SQL Power Injector

SQL Power Injector is a .Net 1.1 application used to find and exploit SQL Injection vulnerability through a vulnerable web application which uses SQL Server, MySql, Sybase/Adaptive Server and DB2 Database Management Systems as backend. It’s main feature is the support for multithreaded automation of the injection.


SQLMap is a Python application able to collect information and data, such as databases names, table’s names and contents, and read system files from a MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server Database Management Systems, exploiting the SQL Injection vulnerability of a vulnerable web application.

SQL Injection Tool

SQL Injection Tool is an application used to exploit SQL Injection vulnerability found in a web application, it’s able to retrieve some useful information and data from a Microsoft SQL server. It also includes a terminal to send raw HTTP requests.


BobCat is a tool based on “Data Thief” and realized in .NET 2.0. It permits to take full advantage of SQL Injection vulnerability discovered in a web application to steal data, gain a shell or a reverse shell on the database management system machine. It has been tested on MSDE2000.


SQLiX is a tool, written in Perl, able to identify the back-end database, find blind and normal injection and also execute system commands on a Microsoft SQL Server. It was also successfully tested on MySQL and PostgreSQL.


NGSQuirrel is a tool used to execute vulnerability assessments on database management systems. It’s able to find vulnerabilities and mistaken configuration or policy on SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE and Informix.


Scuba is a Database vulnerability scanner able to find vulnerabilities like unpatched software, unsafe processes and weak password on Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.


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SQID SQL Injection Digger

SQL injection digger is a command line program, written in ruby, that looks for SQL injections and common errors in websites. It can perform the following operations:

  • Look for SQL injection in a webpage, by looking for links
  • Submit forms in a webpage to look for SQL injection
  • Crawl a website to perform the above listed operations
  • Perform a google search for a query and look for SQL injections in the urls found


Exploiting a SQL injection vulnerability SqlDumper can make dump of any file in the file system. It work only with DBMS MySql.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanners

The web application vulnerability scanners listed below are able to discover SQL Injection vulnerability:

   - Acunetix
   - Appscan
   - Hailstorm
   - Sentinel
   - SQL Injector (SPI Toolkit)