OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Project Completion

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This page documents the completiong of the OWASP AoC 2006 projects

Project Completion Report

OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 Results
Proposal ID Project Review by Project Leader Delivered on project requirements Authorized for Final Payment
AoC 13 Rogan (WebScarab NG) {add comment} Yes Yes
AoC 04 Joshua (Live CD) Josh's Live CD is 100% complete. As with all software it needs a little tweeking. This is a valuable addition to the OWASP collection. 100% No
AoC 17 Chris (CAL9000) {add comment} Yes Yes
AoC 09 Mike (SiteGenerator and ORG) Mike's contributions to both OWASP Report Generator(ORG) and OWASP Site Generator (OSG) where very valuable. In ORG Mike resolved tons of small/medium bugs and added several new major features (for example update to .NET 2.0). In OSG, Mike re-implemented the HttpModule, fixed several nasty bugs with the use of Altova's Authentic component, added new OSG vulnerabilities and cleanup the GUI. He also wrote documentation for those projects. Yes Yes
AoC 21 Simon (Pantera) Simon has delived a new version of Pantera | align="CENTER" | 100% No
AoC 24 Sherif (Web Goat) {add comment} Yes Yes
AoC 26 Matteo (Testing Guide) Matteo did a nice job in pulling all the artifacts from the previous guides together and also inspired other people to contribute to new sections. This Guide is an important addition to the OWASP catalogue. Yes Yes
AoC 18 Boris (Owasp .Net Tools) Boris has done an impressive job in integrating the OWASP .Net tools SAM'SHE and ANSA in a new client server architecture which contains a 'built from scratch' client application which 'consumes' the results from the .Net tests 100% Yes
AoC 07 Aaron (Owasp Website) {add comment} Yes Yes