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This page documents the completion of the [[OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006 ]] projects (see the 9 sponsored projects in [[OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Selection]])
This page documents the completion of the [[OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006 ]] projects (see the 9 sponsored projects in [[OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Selection]])

Latest revision as of 06:50, 3 June 2009

This page documents the completion of the OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006 projects (see the 9 sponsored projects in OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Selection)

Project Completion Report

OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 Results
Proposal ID Project Review by Project Leader Delivered on project requirements Authorized for Final Payment
AoC 13 Rogan (WebScarab NG) A working beta version is now available for WebScarad which implements a complete new user interface and is much more usable and practical (although still doesn't have all features from the current version) Yes Yes
AoC 04 Joshua (Live CD) The Live CD is a valuable addition to the OWASP collection, since it allows the easy access, use and testing of several OWASP tools and documents Yes Yes
AoC 17 Chris (CAL9000) A new version of CAP 9000 is now released containing several new features and with extended support for more browsers Yes Yes
AoC 09 Mike (SiteGenerator and ORG) Both OWASP Report Generator(ORG) and OWASP Site Generator (OSG) receive large number of enhancements. In ORG tons of small/medium bugs were fixed and several new major features where added (in addition to an update to .NET 2.0). In OSG, HttpModule was re-implemented to use TCP, several nasty bugs were fixed and new OSG vulnerabilities where added. Yes Yes
AoC 21 Simon (Pantera) Simon delivered a new version of Pantera which contains several new features and is more optimized Yes Yes
AoC 24 Sherif (Web Goat) 12 new lessons where added to WebGoat (for example: DOM/XML Injection, JSON Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery , HTTP Splitting, etc..) Yes Yes
AoC 26 Matteo (Testing Guide) The previous Guide was greatly enhanced where large portions were re-writen and new material added. This Guide is an important addition to the OWASP catalogue. Yes Yes
AoC 18 Boris (Owasp .Net Tools) The OWASP .Net tools SAM'SHE and ANSA are in integrated into a new client server architecture which contains a 'built from scratch' client application which 'consumes' the results from the .Net tests. This new tools (called OWASP Tiger) could be the beginning of a standard vulnerability collector. Yes Yes
AoC 07 Aaron (Owasp Website) Multiple sections of OWASP.org website where re-organized (for example the Projects Page), the OWASP newsletter was created and several pages received improvements in their layout Yes Yes