OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 - Applications

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AoC 1 - Paolo :

Hi Dinis, the Owasp autumn of Code idea is great and it would be greate for me to partecipate. This is my submission informations:

1) Contact details ...........

2) Which project you want to be involved in I'd like to be involved in Code Review project

3) Why you should be sponsored for the project I've got a very strong background in software development. I reached a good C programming level (working at kernel level in Linux operating system) and a good Java programming level in web application development field. My working field is however security as pen tester and code reviewer and I want to merge these two main field of interest: security and code.

I think I can improve Code Review project merging my theorical experience (writing doc about code review, secure coding and providing code snippets in various languages as a sort of Sample Library or knowledge base) with my pratical attidute. Looking ad Owasp LAPSE project, it would be a great idea to create a sort of common API building a sort of "code review tool engine".

This engine would be generic and devoted ONLY to code review related aspects. Using such engine as basis we could build a pletora of tools providing code review capability for common os IDE (extending LAPSE for eclipse, netbeans, ...) and for ad hoc command line tool.

4) What are the objectives and deliverables My objectives are:

  • focusing people attention about how much code review and safe coding important are
  • providing people practical instruments to test their applications or to build their testing tool too

My deliverables are:

  • improving Code Review project documentation for my first objective
  • realize the engine core complete with a set of well known wrong code practice, providing a way to extend such engine and to provide a PoF testing tool using the aformentioned APIs

AoC 2 - Federico


I would like to apply for OWASP’s AOC as an individual, with no relation to or sponsorship from PaySett.com (my current employer)

I would like to work on either the HoneyComb project (Especially the Java sections) or translate the current version of the 3.0 guide to Spanish.

I am a Mathematician and Computer Scientist who has been working for the last few months writing up the Security Assurance procedures that will be followed in all releases of our products.

Although security is not my main area of expertise, WebApplication development is my main area (especially Java) and therefore I feel that being part of OWASP’s target audience will help me write things in a clear and concise manner that will be easy for developers, architects and executives to understand.

I do not feel that one person can complete the honeycomb project in three months. However, for the given 3-month timeframe (considering my other responsibilities), I would acquire the following commitments:

  • Finish all Java-related articles in the Vulnerabilities section – and others I feel I have the expertise … not sure how many more
  • Organize and sort the articles in the Vulnerabilities and Attacks section
  • Create as many stubs, with basic info, as possible for Vulnerabilities and Attacks section
  • Finish all articles in the “principles” section
  • Finish all articles in the “threats” section
  • Translate all the above to Spanish

if instead OWASP would be more interested in the guide project, I would Translate the 3.0 guide to Spanish

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Best regards,

AoC 3 - Tom

Hi Dinis,

I'm interesting in sorting out the owasp.org website and fixing things up... aka, "WebMaster the Owasp.org website for 3 months and implement all missing functionality". I'm just finishing up my MSc in Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London. My thesis is on secure coding (investigations into security development lifecycles, how they interact with security assessments and all that lark) however it's not web related so I doubt it'll be useful.



Get back to me.



AoC 4 - Joshua

G'day Dinis,

I have been working with Eoin on the liveCD project and we are hoping to have a Beta version ready for Seattle. I would like to be considered for the "OWASP Autumn of Code" sponsorship.

I have been working very hard in my spare time to get the LiveCD up and running. Basically, I spent some time going through all the distros and testing different build methods. After all the testing Morphix was the easiest and most stable to work with.

So far we have a working version with the following tools installed; WebScarab Nmap Nessus Paros OWASP Guide 2.0 CAL9000 TCPDUmp Ethereal Nikto NetCat

Working on : WebGoat Branding ( Boot Menus, Wallpaper ) KDE Menu Slimming down the build Packaging on CD/DVD Prof. Custom Graphics / Icons RFID Tools VOIP Tools

This project was created because other LiveCD's don't focus on App testing and training. It's mostly infrastructure. That's where "labRat" the Live Distro fills the gap. This is also excellent to have all the OWASP resources during an onsite job or training in the lab. That's where the name came from-- spending those long hours in our security labs.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the LiveCD project and if you feel it's worthy of sponsorship. I know that several chapter leads I know are anxious to get it up and going.



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