OWASP Autumn Of Code 2006

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  • A proposal of work to be done to create/maintain/augment an existing or new OWASP project
  • Authorization for OWASP to publicize the persons participation in the program and the results of the program for the purposes of executing on program logistics, including but not limited to announcements of accepted proposals, the text of the accepted proposal and the resulting code from work on the project. Additional details solicited by OWASP as part of the application process, including URLs for personal blogs, will be shared with the public with the accepted applicant's permission.
  • A copy of the finished project code to be publicly hosted by OWASP.


  • All code created by participants must be released under an Open Source Initiative approved license. Additionally, all code must be published in a publicly accessible location. The participant may mirror development on her/his personal infrastructure at her/his option.
  • OWASP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke any and all privileges associated with participating in this program, and to take any other action it deems appropriate, for no reason or any reason whatsoever. OWASP reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the program if it is not capable of completion as planned for any reason.
  • Participants and OWASP is free to use the results, including code, of the OWASP Autumn of Code Program in any way they choose provided it is not in conflict with the license under which the code was developed.