OWASP Australia AppSec 2008 Conference

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Welcome to the OWASP Australia Application Security Conference for 2008. Following on from the great success of OWASP Conferences in 2006 and 2007 in the United States and Europe, the first ever Asia Pacific & Australia Security conference will take place in February 2008. The conference will offer an opportunity for security professionals, developers, Managers to hear from industry recognised speakers on the latest critical security risks associated with application security. The conference includes a number of high quality presentations from industry speakers and business professionals with also the opportunity to network with relevant application security vendors and professionals.

Conference Details

Conference Training Day (Wednesday 27th February 2008).

Main Conference Presentations (Thursday 28th and Friday 29th February 2008).

The 2008 Conference will be held at the Gold Coast Convention Center in Queensland Australia.

The Conference includes a Vendor Exhibition, Welcome Cocktail Party and Gala Dinner.

Latest News

We are currently in the final planing stages of the conference. We invite anyone to submit any recommendations, or ideas for the conference.

The Call for papers has begun, and we would appreciate anyone submiting ideas and presentations email to jderry 'at' b-sec.com. The call for papers will expire on the 30th November 2007. We hope to put together a fantastic line up of OWASP Project speakers and industry experts.

We are encouraging anyone to get involved in the project, so please simply contact the conference committee to get involved.

OWASP Conference Training: Wednesday 27th February 2008

The Training to be offered for the Conference is still currently being decided upon. Any questions please contact the conference Committee.

Agenda and Presentations: Thursday 28th and Friday 29th February 2008

Call for papers and presenters is currently open for the conference.

Call for papers will continue until the end of November 2007.

The conference committee only require an initial 3 paragraph summary of your proposed presentation for submissions. Please submit these to the conference committee. The conference will have both a technical and business application security track.

Technology Expo

Leading vendors in the application security space will be at the conference giving technology demonstrations and providing access to their technical staff so they can answer in-depth questions and demonstrate the capabilities of their products or managed services.

The technology expo will be open during the conference in the meeting area. All attendees will be available to meet and discuss with any of the vendors during moring, lunch and afternoon breaks.

More information about conference sponsorship and participating in the technology expo is available by contacting the conference Committee.

Conference Fees

Standard: $475, OWASP Members: $425, Students: $350, Early Registration Discount (by December 31 2007): $50 ($25 for students)

Conference Fees are inclusive of all presentations and agenda (including the Cocktail Receiption and Gala Dinner)

Conference Tutorial (One Day Training): $??? Student Fee: $??? (Still to be decided)

Note: To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the AppSec 2008 Conference are non-refundable. OWASP can accomodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary.

All amounts shown above are quoted in Australian Dollars. (Conference Fees are kept to a minium and follow the US/UK Conference Pricing)

OWASP Australian Security Conference 2008 Sponsors

The following organizations are sponsors for this conference. If you are interested in sponsoring either of the 2008 OWASP conferences, please contact the conference Committee.

Conference Committee

OWASP Australian Conferences Chair: Justin Derry - b-sec Consulting - jderry 'at' b-sec.com

Currently assisted by (and with thanks)

OWASP Conferences Chair: Dave Wichers - Aspect Security - dave.wichers 'at' owasp.org