OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Training/Pratical Threat Modeling

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Course Length: 1 Day

Threat modeling is gaining traction as a fundamental application security activity. In this class students learn about the attacks that their applications may face and then both formal and informal approaches to threat modeling. Using a fictional scenario, students perform all the activities of a threat model on a complex application ? including analyzing design documents and role-playing interviews. Students learn about the industry standard formal threat modeling process as well as Facilitated Application Threat Modeling: a 1-day approach to threat modeling pioneered by Security Compass. Students will also be taught about Security Compass?s unique source-code/design-pattern level threat modeling.

Student Requirements

Laptop Required: Students Need to Bring:


Audience: Developers, architects, tech leads, information security analysts who perform application penetration testing and/or source code review Skill Level: Basic

Understand attacks that hackers use to break into web applications

Create threat models for complex multi-tiered applications

Prioritize risk of attacks for an application based on potential threats

Apply security analysis to design and architecture of an application


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