OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Training/Defense Against The Dark Arts - ESAPI

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Course Length: 2 Day

This course will focus on using the OWASP ESAPI for Java to solve real-world security issues. In the course students will learn how to leverage the ESAPI library to design and implement reusable security controls in an enterprise environment. This is a laptops out event and students will walk away with a toolkit of reusable components that they can use in real situation to solve security issues in Java applications.

Student Requirements

Laptop Required: Students Need to Bring: 1) Laptop with wireless network adapter 2) VMWare Player


Audience: Technical Skill Level: Intermediate

1) What ESAPI is and what it isn't
2) How do I integrate ESAPI into an existing application?
3) How do I solve <problem> using ESAPI?

Additionally, each student will walk away with a set of fully reusable ESAPI components that they will be able to use in real world applications and a certificate of completion.


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