OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Python Basics for Web App Pentesters Part 2

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The Presentation

Join me again and take a break from those talks that overstimulate your brain with cool technical details but provide little use to your day to day job. Part two of this talk STILL has none of that. We are going to continue your lessons in python and teach you more python skills to use in your pentests. Join one of the SamuraiWTF project leads and learn how to interact with websites using python scripts and python shells. This time we'll be building on the various HTTP requests you learned the first round and be focusing one how you can effectively use those requests in your own custom python tools. We'll cover more regular expresses, cover the ins and outs of multi-threaded operations, and discuss the best ways to analyze all those results. We'll also revisit the PyCIT and the new templates that have been added.
By the way, don't forget your laptop if you want to follow along.  ;-)

The Speakers

Justin Searle

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