OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Behind Enemy Lines Practical Triage Approaches to MobileSecurity Abroad 2012 Edition

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The Presentation

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Having travelled over 100K miles internationally during the past 9 months, the topic of mobile security while abroad was on my radar. I took some precautions myself and jotted down some ideas to discuss with my peers. Then one of my clients asked me to come up with a solution for their executives while traveling to locations that would benefit greatly from their intellectual property. This presentation covers the lessons learned while securing mobile devices for both the enterprise and consumer while outside the 50 states. Areas of particular interest will be common threats and attacks and the REALISTIC steps you can take to reduce your attack surface and return your IP home safely. We'll also cover what to do when your primary safeguards fail or end up in a toilet somewhere...
(Additional information not in the abstract - This will be a significantly updated version of the presentation from the one I presented at TakeDownCon Las Vegas 2011. I will have traveled extensively in Australia and Asia [24 days in Feb 2012] before giving this presentation and will update it with my research and observations and extend recommendations and areas of further interest)

The Speakers

Justin Morehouse

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