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The following are the sponsors for the OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007 Conference.
The following are the sponsors for the OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007 Conference.

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OWASP Conference Sponsorship

OWASP is no longer accepting sponsorships for the 2007 OWASP AppSec San Jose Conference. Financial sponsorship will help defray the non-profit OWASP Foundation's expenses to prepare for and hold this conference. For the first time, there are two different sponsorship options for this conference:

Option #1: Standard Sponsorship Plan (same as previous conferences)

  • Sponsor information will be presented on the main conference web page
  • A Sponsor information sheet will be included in handouts to all attendees
  • Sponsors can include a poster (no larger than 6 ft. x 4 ft. [can be oriented either way]) at the conference in the main hallway. This can be freestanding, or be hung from the wall.
  • Includes 2 Free admissions to the conference

The sponsorship fee for this option at the 7th OWASP Conference in San Jose, CA in November 2007 is $4000.

Option #2: Technology Expo

  • Product vendors can demonstrate their application security products to conference attendees. The intended focus of this expo is to be prepared to discuss the technical details of the technologies they are offering in the market to help organizations deal with their application security issues. This expo should be light on sales push and very technical. OWASP attendees are very familiar with the application security market! As this is a technology expo, services only vendors are not appropriate for this venue.
  • Time frame: The technology expo will be held from 12-2 on November 13th, with lunch included for all the OWASP tutorial attendees who will be invited to attend the expo, and then open again from 11-6 on November 14th during the first day of the OWASP conference.
  • Setup: The tech expo room will open at 9AM on Nov. 13th for the vendors so you can get in and set everything up. For getting your materials back to you, we're setting up a FedEx pick-up onsite after the vendor area closes the final day.
  • At this time, we are not working with a provider of rental equipment. Please make arrangements independently if you need to rent equipment for the show.

Each vendor will receive:

  • One 5ft by 2.5ft table with dressing
  • Chairs (up to 4)
  • Power strip
  • Wireless internet connectivity
  • Space for backdrop/display/billboard with max dimensions 1ft in depth and 5-7ft in width.

Technical exhibit at your vendor booth:

  • We want to provide you an opportunity to meet technical consumers and allow them to interact and provide feedback for your product.
  • As such, each vendor should plan on using the table space to host two (2) workstations with running product. If you have more than one product you'd like to make available to the attendees, it's your choice as to whether both stations host the full spectrum or each one serves a unique purpose.
  • Attendees should be able to walk up with code/binaries on a USB stick, plug it in to the workstation, and get to the nitty-gritty of deploying a WAF, scanning code, pen testing the binaries, etc., etc.
  • For practical purposes, your workstations can certainly just be laptop machines. If your product is appliance/SaaS based, please ensure there are two workstations that hook up to your appliance/back-end so that attendees can still interface with you like everyone else.

Staffing your vendor booth:

  • Plan on bringing two sales engineers/technical employees to help attendees get a feel for the product(s) with which they're interacting. OWASP attendees tend to be on the very technical side of the spectrum, so there might be a few pointed questions thrown at your folks in the course of the event.
  • Attendance to the vendor area is basically free, so you're allowed to bring extra people to rotate folks out, etc., but please keep the vendor booths themselves populated by, at most, three folks at a time.

Communications with attendees in the vendor area:

  • OWASP will not provide an attendee list to anyone, nor will we be creating a mailing list for pre-conference announcements from sponsors.
  • Contact information for attendees should be exchanged as you and the respective attendee see fit.
  • Holding giveaway contests (drop your business card in the bowl to win an iPod, etc.) are allowed as long as they don't go way over the top in terms of detracting from the core purpose of the vendor expo. To keep things sane, please contact Pravir Chandra if you plan on doing this, just to make sure there are no major disconnects in expectations.

The sponsorship fee for this option at the 7th OWASP Conference in San Jose, CA in November 2007 is also $4000.

Option #3: Combined Sponsorship

If you are interested in doing both at the San Jose conference, the sponsorship fee for this combined option is $6000.

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2007 OWASP San Jose conference, please contact OWASP at: conferences 'at' owasp.org.


Sponsorship registration for the 2007 OWASP AppSec San Jose Conference is now closed.

Sending Materials to Conference Facility in San Jose

Sponsors, please ship your conference materials to:

   Attention:  Amber Mann, OWASP event
   2211 N. First Street 
   San Jose, CA 95131

All materials must arrive no earlier than Nov 7th and no later than Nov 12th in order to be included in the conference packet.

Conference Sponsors

The following are the sponsors for the OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007 Conference.

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