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(New page: ==ASDR Project== This page defines the workplan for ASDR Project. First, contact [mailto:leonardocavallari@gmail.com Leonardo Cavallari] to volunteer to draft or re...)
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==ASDR Project==
==ASDR Project==
This page defines the workplan for [[OWASP_ASDR_Project|ASDR Project]].
This page defines the workplan for [[OWASP_ASDR_Project|ASDR Project]].

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ASDR Project

This page defines the workplan for ASDR Project.

First, contact Leonardo Cavallari to volunteer to draft or review a section of the ASDR Table Of Contents. We are looking to release version 1.0 on August 1, 2008.

Work Plan

This section defines the Work Plan for ASDR Project. An ASDR Mindmap was created to give an Overview of project structure, subcategories and activities specified below. I strongly suggest to take a look on it.

1)Candidate for articles development and review.

2)Identify Duplicate articles among sections: We noticed there are articles classified as vulnerabilities but that are actually attacks, and vice-versa. The same happens within other categories. So, once one takes an article, let's say Cross Site Scripting, he/she will need to lookup up all articles listed in TOC to identify related ones (like XSS, Alternate XSS Syntax, XSS in error pages, XSS using Script Via Encoded URI Schemes, etc) and check if it’s possible to merge them into a unique article.

Here, it'll be necessary some skills and good sense to decide if merging fits better than keep separated.

NOTE: We really encourage people to inform which articles were merged by inserting {{template:CandidateForDeletion}} at top of articles used to create one article, so we can clean up wiki when project is done.

3)Develop Stubs and incomplete articles: At time of writing, there are about 300 stub articles that deserve special attention. What we need here are some focused volunteers that can develop at least one article from the scratch, based on the related template. We know that are many smart guys (and some girls too :) ) reading this, so Let's Work it Out!

4)Identify and develop new articles, mainly for Technical Impact and Business Impact. If you noticed that we are missing an article, please, let us know about it and fell free to develop it. We'll really appreciate!

5)Revision Phase: Once articles are finished, it will be tagged as "drafted" and then other volunteers will start revision it.

Last but not least

  • Use the templates without deviations!
  • The Category:Countermeasure is being replaced by Category:Control, so the references on articles should be updated as well.
  • Attack articles are mostly completed (developed for OWASP_Spring_Of_Code_2007) and just need some adjustment to new template.
  • Every article identified as erroneous or improper may be tagged with {{template:CandidateForDeletion}} at top of it, so we can review and make decision to remove it.
  • Any doubt, contact Leonardo Cavallari!


Here are the templates for the various types of articles: