OWASP AJAX Security Project Roadmap

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The project's overall goal is to...

 Identify and document security issues encountered by AJAX applications and document ways to secure these applications

In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals...

  1. Gather existing presentations and pull ideas into the OWASP AJAX Security Project
  2. Review AJAX frameworks and identify security issues handled by these frameworks
  3. Review AJAX related literature (books, articles, ...)
  4. Document ways to secure AJAX applications

Here are the current tasks defined to help us achieve these goals

  • Gather existing presentations and email messages and pull ideas into OWASP
  • We are currently working on reviewing Ajax frameworks/tools. The intent of the review is to provide an overview of the framework, the security risks and how the frameworks can be secured. The framework we are currently reviewing is the Google Web Toolkit1. If you have experience using GWT and/or are interested in participating in this review please contact us either though the mailing list or emailing mailto:rohini_sulatycki@yahoo.com