OWASP .Net Project Roadmap

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  • To provide a comprehensive collection of resources for all roles involved with designing, developing and maintaining .NET web applications and services.
  • To organize content specific to OWASP projects that can be used or referenced for .NET security.
  • To reach out and bring in content from the open source community to protect users of .NET web applications and services.

We have the following short-term goals:

  1. Reorganize the OWASP .NET Project based on role and quick access to information
  2. Promote the OWASP .NET Project to recruit volunteers as collaborators, editors and reviewers
  3. Promote the OWASP .NET Project to the general community

Current Tasks

  1. Change landing page to point to roles
  2. Create a page for each role and move appropriate existing links
  3. Identify existing resources to add to each role page
  4. Identify active OWASP projects that use .NET


Please feel free to send your ideas to the OWASP.Net mailing list (owasp-dotnet@lists.owasp.org)

Project Activity

To keep track of tasks and deliverables for the project, the OWASP .NET Project has a Google code workspace. Feel free to Join the project.

Tasks include Articles, Wiki, Editing, Review and Archive, with the following definitions:

  • Articles - articles related to a .NET security topic.
  • Wiki - pages for tracking .NET security topics (includes links to articles, tools and references).
  • Editing - this task identifies pages / articles that require editing. An edit can be requested if content is incorrect, inappropriate or if there is misspelling or poor grammar. The description should include the edit needed. File attachments with corrections can also be added to the task.
  • Review - this is a task for documentation review. Add this task for articles or pages that need to be reviewed.
  • Archive - this task is to archive outdated content.

OWASP .NET Content Project