OWASP .Net Project Roadmap

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Our overall goal is:

 Is to create tools and deliver research that will 
 help advance the security of the .Net framework. 

We have the following short-term goals:

  1. Create a CSRF blocker
  2. Create a practical guide into .Net secure coding practices

Current Tasks

  1. Investigate the following tools: ANBS, ASP.Net Reflector, ANSA
  2. Investigate the integration of the majority of the tools into one main .Net tool. Potentially looking at OWASP tiger to use it as a base
  3. Create CSRF Guard
  4. Make sure OWASP Site Generator(OSG) gets finished
  5. Guidance on CAS with code samples


Please feel free to send your ideas to the OWASP.Net mailing list (owasp-dotnet@lists.owasp.org)