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These are inactive OWASP .NET projects. They have value. If you are interested in working on one of them, please join the mailing list and mention that you are interested in contribution.
* [[Owasp SiteGenerator]] (sponsored by Foundstone)
* [[Owasp Report Generator]]
* [[OWASP_Tiger|OWASP Tiger]]
The following OWASP projects are hosted on other project hosting sites:
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===Active Project Workspaces===
*FXCop Ruleset
===Related Open Source Projects===
===Related Open Source Projects===

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OWASP Projects

Note: While these projects are labeled as Active, a more accurate label might be Available. Few of them are actively developed either because the project has run its cource, or the tool does its job and no further development is needed.

Note: The following releases are available on the dotNET section of the SourceForge OWASP Project pages

Related Open Source Projects

Source Code Repositories

Any repository that allows public access and has terms of service that holds no claim on the content that our members upload is generally okay, although GitHub is currently preferred. The following repositories are popular among the members:

Starting your own .NET Project

If you're interested in starting your own project, please read How to Start an OWASP Project. Remember to add the tag: [[Category:OWASP .NET Project]] to the end of new projects so that they're properly categorized.