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This page contains the Change log for the ORG's version v0.85 (see ORG (Owasp Report Generator) - To Do for the current development focus)

Change Log

ID Date By Type Issue Comment
27-Oct MD Breaking Change UserProfiles folder Since a) the UserProfiles point to the location of the data files, b) the ORG_CONFIG_FILES might now come from multiple places, c) the UserProfiles are usually specifically to each user (namely for working offline), I moved the UserProfiles to the Application Execution folder
27-Oct MD Code Cleanup Allow ORG_CONFIG_FILES to be loaded from a specified location This is needed for the cases where the developers are using different ORG_CONFIG_FILES directories (which is my case). To make this work I removed all references to VulnReport_Files and made sure that all references to config files are made via GlobalVariables.****. I also added a quick check on load for the file. If it exists ORG will load it and use it as a virtual reference to the location of the config files (for example mine points to ..\..\..\..\ORG\ORG_CONFIG_FILES), if it doesn't exist, then ORG will look for those files in the current application execution directory
26-Oct MD Code Cleanup Removed a few more global variable references Removed some more global variable references, hopefully the whole global variable class will be gone soon
26-Oct DC Maintenence Removed all references to Office assemblies namely the Powerpoint assembly, since that funcionality is now in the Plugins
25-Oct MD Bug Fixed the issue related to the Altova component. My solution was to load the xml files into xml document objects and then feed them into the altova component. This got around the handle being left opened issue without any functionality changes for the rest of the code.
25-Oct DC Bug Race condition on new altova component locks the directory so that it cannot be used twice The issue seems to be related to a directory handle that exists on the ORG process (created by the Altova component) that prevents the directory from being completely deleted and means that when the same finding is opened again an error is thrown. The current solution is based on saving the temporary files in a folder named after a unique GUID. This solves the problem in the short term. but we still need to figure out how to close the handle properly (since at the moment not all directories are properly deleted)
25-Oct DC Bug When a project is loaded in the findings tab the list of available findings was not cleared this showed it self in new projects which had no targets (and if the user had the findings tab open)
22-Oct MD Upgrade New Altova Authentic component Upgrade the Alotva Authentic component
23-Sep MD Feature Nmap Import Added in the ability to import in a xml output file from nmap scanner.
13-Sep MD Feature Added in check for program pre-reqs Added in the VulnReportHelpers.confirmExistenceOfRequiredFilesAndFolders so we can make sure the running environment is stable before executing the program.
12-Sep MD Refactoring New user profile class Worked on the UserProfile class. Reason for creating a seperate class was for code cleanliness and everything was getting confusing for loading, projects, etc.. from the yucky global variables.
09-Sep MD Bug Access Violation when doing alt + f4 on splash screen This was caused by the program not checking to see if the user wanted to continue or exit the program.
07-Sep MD Upgrade Update to .Net 2.0 Upgraded to .NET 2.0 and got all of the compiler errors and most of the warnings cleared out.

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