Nov 12, 2012

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2012 OWASP Board Meeting Agenda

12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Teleconference Information:

Approval of Prior Minutes

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

  • Matt / Alison


  • Kate Hartmann
  • Sarah Baso

Global Committee Reports

- status report

Old Business (Status of Action Items Open)

  • All Board Members and Board Member Elects have reviewed and submitted feedback for amendments per bylaws - Brennan
  • Bylaws moved to wiki - Manico
  • Update on Wiki 3rd Party - Manico
  • Splits Chapters/OWASP - Dave Wichers (Vote needed)

- Brennan proposes a flat 80/20 split when it is a chapter effort a 80/20 split when it is a OWASP Foundation effort with local chapter help keep it simple.

  • Election - Justin Derry
  • New Hires - Kate

New Business