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[[Netherlands]] events held in 2013
;[[Netherlands | OWASP Netherland Wiki]]  
;[[Netherlands October 31, 2013]]
= March 13, 2013 =
*[[Netherlands_October_31,_2013#Third_Party_Java_Libraries_for_Secure_Development - Jim Manico]]
= March 7, 2013 =
*[[Netherlands_October_31,_2013#From_the_Trenches:_Real-World_Agile_SDLC - Chris Eng & Ryan O’Boyle]]
'''Incident Respons in a Cyberwar context and Responsible Disclosure'''
;[[EUTour2013#tab.3DNetherlands | OWASP Europe Tour - The Netherlands 2013]]
:This chaptermeeting will be about Incident respons in a cyberwar context and responsible disclosure.
* The OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) - [[User:Simon_Bennetts |Simon Bennetts]] - [[Media:OWASP_2013_EU_TOUR.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]]
* Needles in haystacks, we we are not solving the appsec problem & html hacking the browser, CSP is dead - [[User:EoinKeary |Eoin Keary]] - [[Media:OWASP_EU_-_Tour_2103-abridged-Ned.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]]
:18:30 - 19:00 Registration
* Secure Coding, some simple steps help - [[User:Steven_van_der_Baan |Steven van der Baan]] - [[Media:OWASP_EU_Tour_2013_-_Secure_Coding.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]]
:19:00 - 19:15  Welcome & Updates
;[[Netherlands May 14, 2013]]
:19:15 - 20:00  Incident Respons in a Cyberwar context - Dennis Lemckert
*[[Netherlands_May_14,_2013#Securing_Password_Storage_-_Increasing_Resistance_to_Brute_Force_Attacks|Securing Password Storage - Increasing Resistance to Brute Force Attacks - Tiago Teles]]
:20:00 - 20:15  Break
:[https://github.com/jsteven/psm/tree/master/presentations The presentation (with and without notes) can be found here]
:20:15 - 21:00  Disclosure - Lex Borger & André Koot
*[[Netherlands_May_14,_2013#Neutralizing_Peer-to-Peer_Botnets|Neutralizing Peer-to-Peer Botnets - Dennis Andriesse]]  - ([[Media:Owaspnl_zeus-owasp-2013‎.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]])
;[[Netherlands April 10, 2013]]
===Incident Respons in a Cyberwar context===
*[[Netherlands_April_10,_2013#Access_Control_Design_Best_Practices|Access Control Design Best Practices - Jim Manico]] - ([[Media:Owaspnl-jimmanico-toptendefensesv8.pdf‎ | Download the presentation as PDF]])
Cyber Warfare is the new buzz in the IT security. However, is War to compare with today's interconnected world? Are breaches in Integrity, Continuity and Exclusivity similar to an attack on a state?
*[[Netherlands_April_10,_2013#RESTful_web_services.2C_the_web_security_blind_spot|RESTful web services, the web security blind spot - Ofer Shezaf]] - ([[Media:Owaspnl-oferschezaf-securitytestingforrestapplicationsv6april2013.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]])
===Disclosure, Prevention is better than to cure===
;[[Netherlands March 13, 2013]]
In this presentation we explain what the background was behind our request to CPB to perform research of the Diagnostics for U case. We discuss recent incidents in healthcare (Henk Krol, the Groene Land Hospital), and the effects of the announcement for the companies involved. We will also discuss the practice of Responsible Disclosure (the initiatives of the NCSC and others) and the arise of Responsible Disclosure (Leak October and other hacks) and how companies can ensure that information is sufficiently protected against privacy leaks using data identification and classification.
*[[Netherlands_March_13,_2013#Record_It.21|Record It - Colin Watson]] - ([[Media:Owaspnl-colinwatson-recordit.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]])
*[[Netherlands_March_13,_2013#The_smartphone_penetration_testing_framework|The smartphone penetration testing framework - Georgia Weidman]] - ([[Media:The_smartphone_penetration_testing_framework-Georgia_Weidman.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]])
===Dennis Lemckert===
*[[Netherlands_March_13,_2013#OWASP_Cornucopia|OWASP Cornucopia - Colin Watson]] - ([[Media:Owaspnl-colinwatson-cornucopia.pdf | Download the presentation as PDF]])
Dennis Lemckert is active in the IT world for almost 20 years. 12 Years thereof, he's operating in or around the IT security world. Some roles that at the time he has completed are: Pentester, Security Auditor, Security Architect, Incident Analyst, Security Analyst and Security
;[[Netherlands March 7, 2013]]
Advisor. During that time, Dennis has developed a no-nonsense approach on how to build, deliver and maintain secured environments.
*[[Netherlands March 7, 2013#Incident_Respons_in_a_Cyberwar_context|Incident Respons in a Cyberwar context - Dennis Lemckert ]]
However, telling others how to do something well, leaves Dennis little time to play with the latest and cool tools, so he spends most of his time writing documentation, both technical and non-technical, giving awareness training, providing training to both technical staff and management and analyzing and improving incident processes.
*[[Netherlands_March_7,_2013#Disclosure.2C_Prevention_is_better_than_to_cure|Disclosure - Lex Borger & André Koot ]]
===Lex Borger===
;[[Netherlands January 31, 2013]]:
Lex Borger is a consultant at Ideas to Interconnect (I-to-I). He has more than 20 years of experience in information security and system security. He was involved in the development of control systems, where he learned to apply security from within.
*[[Netherlands_January_31,_2013#The_Truth_about_the_e.dentifier2|The Truth about the e.dentifier2 - Erik Poll]]
Gradually he broadened his view of information security to the entire field. Most of his experience he has gained in the United States of America. Lex is editor of the journal PvIB "Information"
*[[Netherlands_January_31,_2013#OWASP_Update|OWASP Update - Martin Knobloch]]
===André Koot===
André Koot's Security Consultant with expertise in Identity Management and Access Control.
He is also editor of the PvIB journal "Information", trainer and lecturer at the International Management Forum, member EXIN examination committee, NL Chapter Board member CSA and Advisory Board member IDentity.Next. Previously, André worked for the IRS, and Unive VGZ.
= January 31, 2013 =

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