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Last revision (mm/dd/yy): 05/30/2009

Vulnerabilities Table of Contents


If too few arguments are sent to a function, the function will still pop the expected number of arguments from the stack. Potentially, a variable number of arguments could be exhausted in a function as well.


  • Authorization: There is the potential for arbitrary code execution with privileges of the vulnerable program if the function parameter list is exhausted.
  • Availability: Potentially a program could fail if it needs more arguments then are available.

Exposure period

  • Implementation: This is a simple logical flaw created at implementation time.


  • Languages: C or C++
  • Operating platforms: Any

Required resources




Likelihood of exploit


This issue can be simply combated with the use of proper build process.

Risk Factors

  • Talk about the factors that make this vulnerability likely or unlikely to actually happen
  • Discuss the technical impact of a successful exploit of this vulnerability
  • Consider the likely [business impacts] of a successful attack


In C or C++:

foo_funct(one, two);

void foo_funct(int one, int two, int three) {
  printf("1) %d\n2) %d\n3) %d\n", one, two, three);

This can be exploited to disclose information with no work whatsoever. In fact, each time this function is run, it will print out the next 4 bytes on the stack after the two numbers sent to it.

Another example in C/C++ is:

void some_function(int foo, ...) {
    int a[3], i;
    va_list ap;

    va_start(ap, foo);
	for (i = 0;  i < sizeof(a) / sizeof(int);  i++)
        a[i] = va_arg(ap, int);

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    some_function(17, 42);

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Related Controls

  • Implementation: Forward declare all functions. This is the recommended solution. Properly forward declaration of all used functions will result in a compiler error if too few arguments are sent to a function.

Related Technical Impacts


Note: A reference to related CWE or CAPEC article should be added when exists. Eg: