Minutes from 12/17/2010 Call

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The Call Ground Rules were used to discuss and validate the "Values Ordered by Vote Total" posted on the TMC wiki page.

1) Many points of view were expressed for each of the top 10 values listed. A consensus of "validated as a value" was reached on: Vendor Neutral, Openness, Non-Profit, Global, Community, Open Source, Visibility and Ethics.

2) Openness, visibility and transparency were tentatively combined.

3) Worldwide was offered as a synonym for Global.

4) No consensus was reached on Applications Security Focused as a value. It was suggested as a part of Core Purpose.

5) No consensus was reached on Effortocracy as a value. It or maybe Meritocracy should be in a definition wording.

6) The remaining 16 listed values were discussed and suggested as good words for inclusion in definitions.

7) Open Source Community proposed by Dinis and Jeff's Dec 16 email with 5 suggested values were both part of the discussion.

8) There was also discussion on alternative word structures for values and definitions.

From the Jim Collins article, Core Values and Core Purpose are the two parts of Core Ideology (pages 66-67). They are closely related, but different parts of the whole.

NEXT STEPS: 1) Based on today's Core Values Selection call, each Board Member is to email their suggested values and definitions for discussion on the next values selection call. 2) December 23 is the date for the next Core Values Selection call.