Minutes May 11, 2010

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Present, Eoin, Matt, Dave, Dinis, Tom, Seba, Kate

Vote: Sponsorship of Projects: Use Top 10, SAMM, WebGoat, (two others) OWASP must come up with process and guidelines on logo placement on project pages. Companies will need to become a corporate member first. May allocate a local chapter/project/committee to receive 40% of the membership fees. Additional donations will be 100% to the project.

Topics will be mapped out on the wiki, forwarded to committee leaders, and voted upon during next board call.

Vote: Opinion on the F5 suit vs. Imperva? Board votes 6 - 1 to not voice an opinion.

Vote: OWASP will hire 2 interns for the summer. Interns need to be located on site where a committee member is working.

Vote: Training Logo -

Action Item:

Dinis will update on where we are with logistics of Training proposals.

Membership committee will investigate the development of a corporate logo as well as guidelines on proper usage.

Annual Report approved with the addition of Jeff's comments. Email to OWASP all, send hard copy (book) to corporate members. Will print it "on demand" for honorary members and other leaders. Connections committee will take this task.

Kate will update conferences page with Board member representation and locations/dates.