Minutes May 11, 2010

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Present, Eoin, Matt, Dave, Dinis, Tom, Seba, Kate

Vote: Sponsorship of Projects: Use Top 10, SAMM, WebGoat, (two others)

OWASP must come up with process and guidelines on logo placement on project pages. Companies will need to become a corporate member first. May allocate a local chapter/project/committee to receive 40% of the membership fees. Additional donations will be 100% to the project.

Topics will be mapped out on the wiki, forwarded to committee leaders, and voted upon during next board call.

Vote: Opinion on the F5 suit vs. Imperva? Board votes 6 - 1 to not voice an opinion.

Vote: OWASP will hire 2 interns for the summer. Interns need to be located on site where a committee member is working.

Vote: Training Logo -

Action Item:

Dinis will update on where we are with logistics of Training proposals.

Membership committee will investigate the development of a corporate logo as well as guidelines on proper usage.