Minutes March 8, 2011

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Board Members Present: Dave Wichers, Jeff Williams, Eoin Keary, Matt Tesauro Board Members Absent: Tom Brennan, Seba

Committee Chairs Present: Tin Zaw, Joe Bernik, Mark Bristow, Jason Li, Martin Knobloch Committee Chairs Absent: Dan Cornel, Jim Manico

Also Present: Kelly, Kate Hartmann, Paulo Coimbra

Conference Committee

Relationship with First approved

Mark will follow up with Conferences Committee to draft guidelines to be used for future relationships. One key discussion is related to profit and profit sharing models.

GCC Representative funding will remain under the GCC budget and will not be charged to the conferences.

Conference Committee Proposed Profit sharing plan approved with the understanding that the financial resources are still intended for activity support. Chapters need to re invest these funds back into the Foundation. Mark will take this initiative back to the committee to work on the wording of the announcement.

Projects Committee

Initiative for Project Hosting funding supported by Board (Dave, Jeff, Eoin, Matt)

Remaining Budget to be Reviewed

  • All Committee Budgets need to be submitted Prior to the next Board Meeting for consideration