Minutes December 6, 2010

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Richard Tesauro will coordinate with Kate to present information to Board and facilitate action. Tesauro Page

Code of Conduct - Matt Tesauro - Document to be posted as a wiki page and forwarded this to the Global Committees for review, comment, and approval.

OWASP Feedback form is agreed upon as a good "short term solution" for incoming requests.

ASVS Leadership is being followed by GPC. They are reviewing 4 potential leaders. Idea to encourage/push projects to have 2-3 co leaders is promoted by GPC

A separate thread will be initiated to discuss a third party to host/service the wiki and related services

Financially, conferences were profitable or break event except for Brazil. P&L posted to Agenda


Sponsored Attendees need approval

Global Committee Members to attend needs to be addressed Potenitally Sponsored Attendees

By the end of the week, every committee will identify non active members to facilitate financial planning for summit.

Active members for last 6 months

Non-Active members for last 6 months to be removed from Committee

Board Member participation is critical to the success of the summit - working sessions, attendees, etc.