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About OWASP Foundation - Click Here **READ THIS FIRST **

2011 Candidates

The OWASP Foundation, est. 2001. Today the Board of Directors consists of six board seats that are tasked with keeping the organization on mission, helping with all global committee and project efforts for the benefit of the professional association. The three board members who are not up for election this term are: Eoin Keary, Tom Brennan and Matt Tesauro. These three will be board members thru 2013. In 2011 (3) of six seats are up for election for a two year term.

Below is a list of nominations to date. Any others please edit this page and add in the same format.

  • Example format: <insert name bio/why elect you?>
  • Jim Manico - BIO - New Candidate
  • Jeff Williams - BIO - Current Board Member
  • Dave Wichers - BIO - Current Board Member
  • Sebastien Deleersnyder - BIO - Current Board Member
  • <insert name bio/why elect you?>
  • <insert name bio/why elect you?>
  • <insert name bio/why elect you?>
  • <insert name bio/why elect you?>
  • <insert name bio/why elect you?>

2011 OWASP Global Board of Directors Election Timeline

Milestone #1 Confirmed Candidate Official Announcement Jun 9th
Global AppSec Europe
Dublin, Ireland

Milestone #2 Electronic Vote DATE TBD managed by the Global Membership Committee

After the announcement a email will be sent to your online primary email address @OWASP.ORG or email that is on file with the regonline membership system

Eligible Voters

OWASP Individual Members have (1) vote, OWASP Supporters have (1) vote via the primary point of contact.

2009 Election Results


OWASP Foundation Bylaws

The current bylaws that govern the OWASP Foundation and board member conduct are asked to adhere to and revise annually. *NOTE* - This is currently under revision as a result of the OWASP 2011 Summit revised bylaws are expected by the April Board Meeting - Click here for Bylaw Progress