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OWASP has been able to negotiate or attract discounts to various events for the benefit of all paid OWASP Members. All individual OWASP Members and all employees of OWASP Corporate Members can take advantage of these offers.

Note: OWASP does not endorse any of the member offers listed on this page.

Current OWASP Member Offers

Type Offeror Link Offer Description
OWASP Conferences OWASP OWASP AppSec Conferences Home Page OWASP Members receive a $50 discount at the OWASP AppSec U.S. and European conferences.
Education (ISC)² (ISC)² studISCope Isc2logo.gif is dedicated to creating new value-added services for its prospective and more than 50,000 current members worldwide. One of the most exciting of these is studISCope, our online self-assessment tool that helps candidates assess their knowledge of the CISSP or SSCP CBK®. By inserting OWASP15% you will receive 15% off the total order for a limited time.

Rules for inclusion in OWASP Member Offers list

This page is monitored and maintained by the leadership of OWASP. If you would like to extend an offer that is of benefit to the members of OWASP, please contact dave.wichers 'at' Before you do, here are the current rules we follow for maintaining this list:

Offers will only be listed if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The discount or offer has to be related to the interests of the OWASP community
  2. The discount or offer has to be in addition to any discounts or offers that are already available to the general public
  3. Such discounts will only be listed if they provide both a significant benefit to OWASP members AND a significant benefit to the OWASP Foundation.

Significant benefit to the OWASP Foundation includes the offering organization being a Corporate Member of OWASP or some other benefit negotiated between the offerer and the OWASP Foundation.

  • Such discounts or offers will NOT be advertised or described anywhere else on the OWASP site, nor will they be individually promoted via any of the OWASP mailing lists.
  • The OWASP Foundation may periodically promote the collective set of OWASP Member discounts or offers as needed.