Medlemsmøter 2011

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Medlemsmøte: 30. November kl 18:30 -

Ansvarlig: Erlend Oftedal , Sponsor: TBA, Adresse: Hackeriet at Hausmannsgate 34, Oslo, Påmelding: Påmelding via hackeriets side på

Agenda: Shodan

Felles medlemsmøte med Hackeriet!

"Let me Shodan that for you...", Eireann Leverett

Workshops are fun. Let's have one.

Bring your laptop and willingness to write ten simple lines of code in Perl, Python, or Ruby. Even if you can't code, come by and learn to use Shodan the computer search engine through the web interface. While the speaker will share a tiny bit of what he did with this tool, the focus will be on what you could be using it for...this is a interactive workshop, not a boring seminar.

Keywords for interest: banner grabbing, network scanning, application deployment profiling, security research, geolocation, security visualisation, network exploration, open source intelligence, fun.

Eireann Leverett spent six months working with 'Shodan the computer search engine'. It's an under-rated tool that was developed by John Matherly. John has given you a surprisingly big gift, why not learn to use it?