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OWASP Marketing: Designs and Downloads

On this page, you will find the most current marketing materials and brand guidelines used by the OWASP Foundation. We have everything from logos and business cards to banner stand and brochure designs all for your use. Most of the files found on this page are in a PDF, EPS, or JPEG format; however, some pieces have the original Creative Suite files zipped in a toolbox. We recommend using the PDF, EPS, and JPEG files first as they are the easiest to use. If you need to edit a design piece, then you are more than welcome to download the Creative Suite files if you have access to Adobe In-Design, Photoshop, and Illustrator. If you require an edit to a design, and you do not have access to Adobe Creative Suite, then please contact Samantha Groves (, and let her know about your request.

Note: Before you download and use any of the marketing materials on this page, please be sure to read the Brand Usage Rules and Guidelines. It is important to understand how we expect contributors to use these materials as well as what is acceptable and what it not when it comes to usage of our brand and visual Identity.

OWASP Logo Toolbox 2013


The Brand Usage Rules

OWASP's philosophy is that achieving security involves all parts of an organization, including people, process, and technology. We support the use of our brand consistent with this philosophy. However, we cannot allow the use of our brand when it implies something inconsistent with OWASP's comprehensive and balanced approach to application security. Therefore, we have defined these brand usage rules to clarify appropriate and inappropriate uses of the OWASP brand, including our name, domain, logos, project names, and other trademarks.

The Brand Guideline documents and rules below provide details and instruction on how to use the OWASP logo and brand. The quick reference sheet goes over the basics of the OWASP brand logo and a brief overview of customizable options. The Brand Guidelines document gives the entire description of the OWASP brand, its public use, and the options to customize the logo based on personal desire. The guidelines cover the OWASP signature, size and spacing, colors, imagery, and typefaces.


The following rules make reference to the OWASP Materials, meaning any tools, documentation, or other content from OWASP. The rules also make reference to "OWASP Published Standards" which are currently in the process of being developed and released. Currently there are no OWASP Published Standards.

  1. The OWASP Brand may be used to direct people to the OWASP website for information about application security.
  2. The OWASP Brand may be used in commentary about the materials found on the OWASP website.
  3. The OWASP Brand may be used by OWASP Members in good standing to promote a person or company's involvement in OWASP.
  4. The OWASP Brand may be used in association with an application security assessment only if a complete and detailed methodology, sufficient to reproduce the results, is disclosed.
  5. The OWASP Brand must not be used in a manner that suggests that The OWASP Foundation supports, advocates, or recommends any particular product or technology.
  6. The OWASP Brand must not be used in a manner that suggests that a product or technology is compliant with any OWASP Materials other than an OWASP Published Standard.
  7. The OWASP Brand must not be used in a manner that suggests that a product or technology can enable compliance with any OWASP Materials other than an OWASP Published Standard.
  8. The OWASP Brand must not be used in any materials that could mislead readers by narrowly interpreting a broad application security category. For example, a vendor product that can find or protect against forced browsing must not claim that they address all of the access control category.
  9. The OWASP Brand may be used by special arrangement with The OWASP Foundation.

Brand Guidelines document


Brand Reference Sheet

OWASP Quick Ref.jpg


The OWASP Brand

Circulation of the OWASP brand is a key part in the growth of OWASP. For all OWASP related needs, the OWASP identity is available in the form of logos, letterheads, business cards, envelopes and Power Point presentation templates. These materials are useful when putting together OWASP related documents, and when representing OWASP both within and outside the community. Please refer to the brand guidelines document concerning the usage of the OWASP brand.


OWASP Logo Toolbox 2013

Owasp logo Owasp logo 1c

Owasp logo Owasp logo 1c

Owasp logo rev icon Owasp logo flat Owasp logo icon Owasp logo 1c icon

Identity Package



Business Cards

BC OWASP 2013.jpg



PPT Templates

PPT Template Toolbox

PowerPoint 1

Owasp ppt 1.jpg

PowerPoint 2

Owasp ppt 2.jpg

PowerPoint 3

Owasp ppt 3.jpg


Social Media

Connect others to OWASP with the social media avatars. The avatars below can be used for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media is the easiest way to keep up to date on the happenings within OWASP. You can either download the icons individually, or you can download them all via the Toolbox link below.

OWASP Social Media Toolbox



Facebook icon.png


Coverphoto fb.png



Googleplus icon.png





Linkedin icon.png

Large Icon

Linkedin icon large.png





Pinterest icon.png



Twitter icon.png


Tiled background.png



Youtube icon.png


Tiled background.png


OWASP Print and Web Banners

Below you will find a print banner that you can use for events and conferences, and several web banners that are used for different operational areas within OWASP. The print banner download comes in a print ready PDF. It is ready to send to the printers.

Conference Banner

Banner stand.png

Web Banners









OWASP Information

The purpose of the informative materials is to give an overview of OWASP and the benefits of membership. Provided below is the brief About Us flyer, as well as information about corporate and individual membership. Three form letters are provided in the New Member Welcome flyer and the e-brochure provides additional information. The final flyer provides information about OWASP project Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP), a penetration-testing tool. The features and functionality of ZAP are also outlined in the flyer.

About Us Flyer

Owasp aboutus flyer.jpg

Corporate and Individual Membership Flyer


New Member Welcome Flyer

Owasp welcome letter(1).jpg

ZAP Flyer





Marketing Research

Sisterworks Publishing and Design Foundry were contracted to help OWASP develop a consistent brand message and style. Both companies, along with the OWASP staff, worked together on this marketing project with the aim of developing consistent brand visual identity and messaging. The marketing project was separated into three phases. The first phase was the market research phase during which Sisterworks and Design Foundry undertook market research initiatives of the overall competitive landscape OWASP exists within. The second phase involved the development of a proposed marketing plan, and included marketing recommendations for OWASP to consider in the future.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research Explained


Marketing Strategy Recommendations

Marketing Strategy.jpg

SEO Audit and Recommendations

SEO Audits.jpg


Contact Us

If you are interested in another piece of OWASP design for your event or project, please let us know by using the OWASP Contact Us form.

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