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Marketing Community Input

This page was set up to gather OWASP community input on several Marketing items developed and designed by Design Foundry and Sisterworks Publishing. These pieces are critical to the future growth of the OWASP Brand, and we would like it if you would share your thoughts on each design via the Google Moderator links below.

Marketing Phases

Sisterworks Publishing and Design Foundry were contracted to help OWASP develop a consistent branding message and style. Both companies, as well as the OWASP Staff, worked together to on a marketing project plan with the aim of developing this consistent brand visual identity and messaging. The marketing project was separated into three phases. The first phase was the Marketing phase during which Sisterworks and Design Foundry undertook market research initiatives of the overall competitive landscape OWASP exists within. The second phase involved the development of a proposed marketing plan, and included marketing recommendations for OWASP to consider in the future. The last phase is the design delivery stage which involves the design of several marketing pieces for OWASP. We are currently in the last phase of our marketing project. Please see below for a list of deliverables distinguished by phase.

  • Phase 1 Deliverable
  • Phase 2 Deliverable
    • Note: Phase 2 Deliverable has recommendations made by Sisterworks and Design Foundry based on their research.
    • We are not necessarily moving forward with these recommendations towards implementation.

Foundation Action Items: After Input

The OWASP Staff will take the community's votes and comments, and will use this information to make a decision on how to move forward with each piece. These designs will represent the face of OWASP in the future so we want the community to vote and discuss their opinions openly with us about each piece. We hope to get, at the very least, one hundred votes and comments via Google Moderator.

Primary Signature

The primary signature is a design developed to update the current OWASP Logo. There were minimal alterations made to the logo which include type change and updating of the wasp circle icon.


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Customised Signature

The customised signature is a design recommendation that gives leaders an opportunity to use the signature as a logo. Its main purpose is to be a downloadable file that can all OWASP contributors can use for their OWASP related initiatives. Examples of use include: project logo, chapter logo, local event logo, etc.


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SEO Audit and Recommendations

The SEO audit and recommendations deliverable was put together by Sisterworks Publishing to give us an overview of our online landscape. In the deliverable you will be able to find the SEO related activities OWASP is currently undertaking and comments on why they are or are not working for the organization. The document includes several recommendations, as well


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General Marketing Collateral

Below you will find pieces of marketing collateral developed to meet several different design needs for OWASP. The foundation partnered with Sisterworks Publishing and Design Foundry to design and develop flyers, postcards, banners, and different pieces of advertising. We intend to open up these designs so that the OWASP community can use them for their marketing needs. The idea was to develop new branded materials that would promote a consistent and updated visual identity for OWASP.

ZAP Information Flyer

This ZAP flyer was developed for an outreach event with the help of Simon Bennetts. It's main purpose was to showcase ZAP's functionality while providing more information about the project. The idea is to create this design into a template that other project leaders can use to showcase and market their projects.


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OWASP Banner

This OWASP banner was designed to update the current banner used for outreach and local events. Community members will have the option of downloading the print ready file, and have the banner printed locally. This new design uses the updated visual identity along with the foundation's social media addresses.

Banner stand.png

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OWASP Membership & Conferences Postcard

The OWASP membership and conferences postcard is meant to be used during outreach events. This piece gives more information about our OWASP Global Conferences while outlining the OWASP mission and community.


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