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Marco Morana serves the OWASP organization by leading the USA Cincinnati chapter and by contributing to several OWASP projects such as the application threat modeling methodology of the secure coding guide and the introduction to the security testing methodology and value the real risk section of the testing guide. Marco has been also one of the reviewers of the OWASP Source Code Review Project and is currently reviewing OWASP Security Analysis of Core J2EE Design Patterns Project. Besides OWASP Marco Morana has been actively involved in evangelize on web application security through presentations at application security conferences in USA such as CSI and Blackhat. Besides contributing to OWASP, Marco works as Technology Information Security Officer for a large financial organization in North America with responsibilities in the definition of the organization web application security standards, management of application security assessments during the SDLC, threat analysis and training of software developers, project managers and architects on different topics related to application security. Marco research work on application and software security is widely published on several magazines such as In-secure magazine,Secure Enterprise, ISSA Journal and the C/C++ Users journal. Marco's work is referred in DHS Software Security Assurance Marco is currently working on co-authoring a book on Application Threat Modeling. Marco’s ideas and strategies for writing secure software are posted on his blog: