March 7, 2011

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Vote required:

Remove the "board member representative" requirement for the Global Committees.

This idea was intiated as a mechanism to provide the committeess with a "line" to the board. It has evolved, however, into a percieved "veto" option for the board. Instead, I recommend we implement a "requirement" for the Global Committee chair to present their committee progress to the Board during the meetings. This moves the requirement of participation from the Board and provides the Committee an opportunity to present items that require vote. Board members should be allowed to participate as a committee member, but should not be considered a committee chair or looked to as a committee member who has privelages above other committee members.

Approve $5K in funding for the Global Membership, Global Conferences, and Global Chapter Committees for operational support

These three committees have initiatives for 2011 as defined during the summit. These initiatives will require many "tasks" that are time consuming and will require uninterrupted hours to complete. I would like the committee chair to "approve" the selection. These contracted staff will be supervised by me, the Operations Director. Tasks managed and outcomes tracked as directed by the committee chairs.

Status of Tesauro Consulting Inititive

Is the OWASP Board going to continue working on the Core Values, Core Purpose, and so on, or is this going to be assigned to the Global Committee Chairs to finish?