March 2, 2010

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Tue February 2, 2010 5pm – 6pm GMT (no daylight saving)


1-866-534-4754 Code: "OWASP" (69277)


Jeff Williams


Kate Hartmann


Please review the progress of the Global Committee and prepare your report to status on old business and new business.

Board approval required for current newsletter:

Board vote: An insurance policy is available that will (finally) provide event coverage for our non-US events. This will include conferences as well as chapter meetings. Cost for this policy is $1000/year. Additional available coverages include travel for U.S. based "officers:" illness expences, accident, ransom, kidnapping, hijacking. Also avail is auto coverage and a policy to cover Paolo for workman's comp. Complete description and cost can be found here.

Board vote: Kate would like to attend a 4 day/hands on Salesforce training in DC in April. On line trainings have been viewed. DC Users group meeting attended. Cost for training is $1500 (50% discount for non-profit). Agenda and course description can be found here.