Losing your money

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Any company as a whole is made up of individuals. If the company experiences a revenue reduction, this translates down to a reduction in benefits for the employees and possibly even to a reduction of the number of its employees.

Risk Factors:

• The financial report is impacted when an application or network service level agreement is not met.

• Reduction in benefits for the individual.

• Reduction in headcount for the company.

• A company's expenses will exceed its revenues.

• Hackers invading a network or application system.

• PCI compliancy did not occur and the company is fined.


A Company's Expenses Exceed Its Revenues

The business looks at ways to reduce costs. Employee benefits are re-examined and modified to support reducing company cost thus reducing its yearly expenses.

Domino Impact

A hacker invades a network and finds its way through an application wall. The customer’s encrypted personal data was opened and used outside in the business market. The customer files a lawsuit against the company. The company files bankruptcy.

Related Technical Impacts

	Loss of confidentiality 
	Loss of integrity 
	Loss of availability 
	Loss of accountability 


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